Ship and Shield

Look for our cask of Queen Mother's Mead on the Ship and Shield bar top. This restaurant offers authentic Viking cuisine in an upscale atmosphere.


Our mead is available in a number of SPEC'S in the Houston, San Antonio, DFW, and Austin areas. We do recommend calling before you go, just in case they don't have the variety you are looking for. To request your favorite type be stocked in your local SPEC'S store, let us know and we'll forward it to our distributor and your local SPEC'S wine buyer.

Hobbit Cafe

We have both Traditional and Bochet on tap at Hobbit Cafe. This is one of our favorite places to go and hang out because they are friendly and the food and ambiance are top-notch.

Drink Of Ages

Drink of Ages Pub has a great selection on tap and a friendly atmosphere. You might also check out the Drink of Ages Podcast, which covers the local beer and wine beat.