Enchanted Manor Mead Club

How it Works

Every three months, we'll ship three bottles of mead to your door, plus goodies such as newsletters, recipes, and limited-run merchandise. 

Which meads will you receive? Well, that's up to us, which means we can send you seasonal brews and varieties we've cooked up just for Mead Club members. We'll typically include some of your favorites as well.

We're also planning exclusive events, such as on-site tastings, which will take place throughout the year and will be open only to Mead Club members.

As a member, you will be the first person we turn to when we need feedback on recipes, products, etc. We want to know what you think so we can continue to make things people like.

The membership fee is $75 charged to your credit card every three months. Not bad, right?

But wait, there's more...


...and receive a welcome package that includes an engraved corkscrew only available to Mead Club Members, two etched stemless glasses, and a complimentary bottle of Mead (you choose which variety).

Welcome Package Contents

To Summarize

For $75 (charged every three months) you get:

  • 3 Bottles of our award-winning mead shipped to your door every three months
  • Extras like newsletters, recipes, and merchandise
  • Limited-run and seasonal varieties not sold in stores
  • Invitations to exclusive events, such as meadery tours and on-site tastings
  • An engraved corkscrew only available to Mead Club Members
  • Two etched stemless wine glasses
  • Complimentary bottle of mead (your choice)
  • Invitation to be part of the EMM member community with insider-access and a voice as to new products, new recipes, and where we should take this thing in the future


What if I need to Cancel?

Just email Club@EnchantedManorMeadery.com. Note that you must cancel before the first of month when the quarterly shipment goes out or you will be charged for that quarter. For instance, to avoid being charged for March's shipment, you must cancel before March 1st.